In December 2020, Crest held its end of year staff celebrations for employees and partners (albeit with restricted numbers and activities due to Covid-19). The Black tie event was held at the Newcastle Club and a great night was had by all. In addition to the ‘Crest Financial Services Employee of the Year’, proceedings for the evening also included the much anticipated ‘Crest Accounting Employee of the Year’

We are excited to announce that Anthony Holmes was voted the Employee of the Year based on his exceptional work providing assistance to the accountants, dedication to his work, and passion for teaching and assisting others. Anthony’s ‘can-do’ attitude, drive to promote self-development, and focus on positive client outcomes has truly helped throughout a very difficult year.

On behalf of the Directors, we would also like to extend a special thank you to the rest of the Crest Accounting Staff, whose tireless efforts and diligence has not gone unnoticed.

Congratulations Anthony, thank you for your hard work.

Our winner Anthony Holmes